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For first-class power transmission/motion control products, call us at 416-749-4400

Are you having transmission issues with your industrial machines? Get in touch with the experts at AGM Canada Inc., who will be able to advice and supply the correct parts to get you running once more.

Advanced Motor Control

AGM Canada Inc. has been the GTA’s leading supplier of precision-engineered motors and control systems for the last two decades. We are committed to technical excellence and customer service and adopt a partnership approach to business. We offer our customers a professional specification and design service, backed up with qualified and experienced technical sales and applications support staff.

We supply many customers who use our products for general motorisation and for process automation, but we are equally adept at developing sophisticated solutions to complex motion control problems in niche markets. While we generally focus on miniature and medium-power applications, we can also cater to clients with larger power requirements. Our vast stock allows us to respond quickly to customer needs. Call today for details.

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Are you looking for premium parts for your industrial machines? AGM Canada Inc. is a renowned supplier in the PT/MC industry, call us now.

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The Basics of a Reducer

As you are no doubt aware, motors are designed to operate at a specific “revolutions per minute” or RPM. While speeds can be adjusted with Variable Frequency Drives, it’s usually more effective to use a set, specific gearing arrangement to adjust that output speed and thereby increasing torque. This is achieved through the use of gear reducers.

Gear reducers are commonly found in areas where higher torque and/or lower rotational speed is needed, or if power needs to be transmitted at an alternative angle, such as at a right angle to the motor. It is also possible to change rotational direction as well – clockwise vs. counter-clockwise.

When it comes systems that involve gear reducers, there are two questions that commonly arise: “How do I select the best reducer for my job” and “What I have now isn’t working well. How can I get a better system?”. The answer to both these questions comes down to speaking with someone. Gear reducers are complicated but choosing the right one doesn’t have to be, thanks to AGM Canada Inc. and our wide selection of quality, reliable, affordable gear reducers that will fit the needs of agriculture, aggregate, oil and gas, logistics, mining and more! Call now for details.

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